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The popularity of mobile applications has risen tremendously. With the proliferation of high speed networks, smart phones and coupled with the fact that information needs to be available on the go, it has become very essential for software companies to have a mobile version of the application to complete their product offering.

LucidLeaps has expertise in Mobile Application Development including iPhone Application Development, Blackberry Mobile Application Development, Windows Mobile Application Development, Android Mobile Application Development and Symbian Mobile Application Development. Our team has excellent knowledge of Java/ J2ME, WAP, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile Platform, Palm and Symbian Technologies which help creating customized mobile applications for the clients. We develop applications for various domains which include: gaming, health, utility, business, social networking, quizzes, and many more.

When it comes to Mobile environments it is absolutely necessary to understand the details or knowledge about a specific mobile device dealing with. Our team has all the necessary expertise and knowledge to guide the clients to arrive at decent specs for the product they are planning by educating them on

  • Device screen sizes and resolutions
  • Memory capability
  • OS application handling
  • Feature to Memory balance
  • Correct online and offline chord
  • Sync mechanisms
  • System hardware access
  • API gains and limitations

This specific knowledge definitely reduces lot of confusion and redundancy and helps client to have clear picture of requirements and saves the execution time through optimized requirement analysis





  • Native Android APIs
  • Android IDE
  • Gaming Development
  • Google Market Expertise

Our Android expertise includes :

  • Customize solutions based on specific client needs
  • Develop applications on location-based services‚ camera interfaces‚ cloud-to-device management‚ complex background services‚ video streaming‚ etc.
  • Implement custom protocols
  • Deploy solutions which take care of the memory and CPU of devices
  • Build a cloud-based mobile testing automation framework for Android devices


  • Native iOS APIs
  • Xcode IDE
  • iTunes Expertise
  • Gaming Development

Our iOS expertise includes :

  • Camera Input based applications like Bar Code Reader app and OCR integration with mobile apps
  • Graphical Data Representation
  • Rich UI Based Apps
  • Universal App development for Iphone and Ipads
  • UI Automation TEsting
  • Map View Based Apps
  • Customised Split view
  • Local and Push notification as per the requirement
  • Import and Export from local address / contact book