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LucidLeaps Consulting started its operations in Bangalore in 2001 and has been providing software outsourcing services to UK, US and NZ markets ever since.

Our Forte

Software is critical to running todays enterprises. LucidLeaps has over a decade of experience and has devised and built proven enterprise apps, web sites and solutions that can transform your business.

At LucidLeaps, we assist you through the journey of transformation from your current state to your organization goals by using the right tools and consulting. We offer a suite of solutions based on the core principles of simplicity and scale to help engage, retain and grow your consumers and staff.

Based in the Central Business District of Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, LucidLeaps Consulting is a leading software development and solutions company, providing cost effective product development, software \enhancement solutions and outsourcing services for international corporations.

Software services include design, development, production, implementation and testing of several software applications and business critical solutions, which include web applications, enterprise applications and database solutions.

Our clients include The United Nations, Canon Europe, ‘BT’, The WH Consultancy (NZ), Pingar LP NZ and Acacia Adventure Holidays, UK.

Our team works closely with clients, providing a complete project management solution covering the complete life cycle of the project.