Sales and Management Consulting

Sales Performance Improvement Consulting | Strategic Account Management Consulting and Advisory | Sales Talent Strategy and Assessment

Build and nurture an organisation that’s ready to take on industry disruption

Lucidleaps help build world-class sales and service organisations, preparing them to take on an ever-evolving marketplace. Carefully aligning people, processes and technology at the sales organisation, our sales consulting experts provide the strategies and insights to tools you need to ensure you have the right people in the right roles, following the right processes.

With more than multiple decades of years of sales consulting experience and nuanced industry knowledge, we drive change by setting up a technology driven sales organisation, brings in sales process improvement, establishes strategic and targeted account management principles and ensures talent optimization. We are uniquely qualified to transform your sales and service organisation from the ground up – because we know what works.



Improve Sales Performance

With the help of our Sales Performance Improvement Plan, you will:

  • Discover the best avenues for sales performance improvement at your company
  • Find out how you measure yourself as a sales organisation in each category of the wheel
  • Identify and address your obstacles
  • Identify current strengths and areas of improvement
  • Put a Sales Growth Plan of Action in place to implement improvements as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Use metrics to track Sales Success

Strategic Account Management services will help you:

  • Maximise sales with your existing accounts
  • Design strategic account management processes and structures
  • Develop a repeatable process proven to grow accounts
  • Train your strategic accounts team

Talent Strategy and Assessment enables you:

  • Device a formal, data-driven sales talent strategy for hiring, development, coaching, performance management and engagement.
  • Gain insights to sales talent assessment tools that help you to collect data on sellers’ capabilities and potential
  • Identify and measure seller traits that directly correlate with successful performance
  • Maximise employee potential by focusing on specific skills and inherent attributes that lead to success.
  • Identify your top performers and what they do consistently, leveraging those talents and behaviours across your organisation