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Our Canvas

With web technology increasing as a marketing medium, it is essential to our clients that their business requirements are accurately reflected within their web presence, directing the user through the use of various navigational drivers to visit specific site sections, thus, gaining the desired outcome.

Our Development Team utilize a wide range of current technologies available, including PHP, ASP, Java, ColdFusion, MS-SQL, MySQL, and XML, to develop efficient applications and Accessibility, Compatibility, Navigability, Readability and Usability are the inherent ‘abilities’ of every website built by us. Colours, fonts, high-end technologies like Ajax, CSS, Flash, PHP, .Net, XML, XHTML, etc., are routine affairs within LucidLeaps.

We provide ongoing maintenance services for web sites that we develop as well as existing web sites. Maintenance services are typically provided via a monthly, quarterly, yearly web site maintenance agreement. Our web maintenance services help monitor, optimize and extend your site to meet your changing business needs.




Generic Services

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design

Open Source Technologies

  • HTML
  • JS, JQuery
  • MySQL

Open source web development is done through LAMP stack [Core PHP] or using frameworks like Cake PHP, Yii and Laravel. We also do development using CMS tools like Wordpress and Drupal.


  • UI designing
  • Wireframe developments
  • Mock Apps designing

Native Apps

Native apps are built using the development tools and languages (XCode and Objective C for iOS apps,Eclipse,Android Studio and Java for Android,Visual Studio and C# for Windows) that the respective platforms support and so run only on their targeted platforms.

HTML5 Apps

HTML5 apps are cross-platform mobile applications that run on multiple devices since they mostly run on browsers. Developers can write complex apps using standard web technologies HTML5, Javascript and CSS, or using HTML frameworks.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are the applications that are developed using HTML5, javascript and css, but run within webview container on the devices and so the applications are packaged natively and so has access to native APIs of the OS also.