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a. Content Management System

LucidLeaps Consulting Content Manager is an easy-to-use web based content management system. It has been developed for fast and easy maintenance of websites. It is no longer necessary to have a dedicated web professional update a site. If you can use a word processor - you can use the LucidLeaps Consulting Content Manager - it's that simple!

How it works:

LucidLeaps Consulting Content Manager is so simple to use, all the text is edited online, whilst in the website - no need to search through long databases or text files. Simply enter the admin area of your site with your username and password. When you find the text you wish to change just click on the edit button and change the text on screen. When you have finished, the website updates immediately.

b. Email marketing Application

LucidLeaps Consulting Web based email marketing application helps you to create, send, manage, and track responses of your targeted email campaigns. So if you have something to sell or promote, here is the solution! Create quality emails that work and reach out to the masses!

LucidLeaps Consulting Email Marketing Application features:

A powerful Contact List Management Module

  • To store an unlimited number of contact lists and access them anytime.
  • To create groups and split the contact list amongst them for easy look up, with a pre-defined ceiling to the group size.
  • To build a subscriber list by uploading from the convenience of an excel sheet or even create them from scratch, contact by contact.
  • To effortlessly manage your contact list.

Document Library

  • To store an unlimited number of documents or images or any adverts which might be useful for your ongoing and future email campaigns.

Customised Email Campaign Creation

  • Enables you to send hundreds of thousands of emails per month.
  • Built-in campaign validator makes sure your emails go out free of errors.
  • To personalize emails with fonts, colors, images and more.
  • Use your own layout or use one of dozens of email templates created for various business types.
  • Add or manage the attachments of each campaign you create.
  • Real-Time Analysis of your Email Campaigns
  • Track all your email campaign data and see each email as it is opened.
  • View which emails were opened, at what time they were viewed, which links were opened, which emails bounced and more.
  • Access all your reporting tools anytime anywhere.
  • Export your reports in Microsoft Excel or text format.












c. Database Applications

eBusiness Application Suite

The eBusiness Application Suite provides a powerful set of business applications that enable companies to maximize the benefits of e-business and to assist these companies, taking advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by the Internet.

Each product is based around a powerful SQL database. The database is populated and maintained through the use of an online administrative area governing the content of the main viewable website.

Fully endorsed by BT eBusiness Solutions, the eBusiness 2000 suite of business applications provides companies with a powerful range of tools including total on-going control of content.

e-Business 2000 is a powerful suite of online business solutions focused on specific market sectors. Each business solution provides a totally customised website designed to meet the demands of customers and suppliers alike.

Aimed initially at estate agents, recruitment consultants, the motor trade and the export market, these applications are available today. The customisable nature of the products means that they can be adapted to suit your exact needs.

d. SharePoint Accelerator for SMB

This is for small to medium-sized businesses who want to be hands-on with their Office 365 implementations. Any bigger, and we will refer you to a trusted Systems Integration Partner.

Do you have Office 365 already?

You may not realise that you also have SharePoint and the ability to:

  • store all your documents online making them accessible anywhere
  • manage projects
  • create an intranet for your team and/or company
  • make the whole social part of work, actually work!
  • manage information more effectively to avoid duplication and re-work.

Step 1

  • Talk to us to understand what is possible with SharePoint and how it can help your business.
  • This is ideal for any small to medium-sized businesses who just want to understand what SharePoint On-Premise or Office 365 and SharePoint Online is all about.

Step 2

  • Define your solution and for a one-off price, have us work with you to get your site up and running FAST!
  • Have a SharePoint Specialist guide you through the initial setup of your site, including a practical results-based workshop and providing some training along the way.
  • Further help and SharePoint Consulting Services are there if you need them, but this way, you know your upfront costs.

Step 3

  • A fatal mistake with most SharePoint implementations is not having ongoing support, motivation, and training. We have a simple solution to that!
  • SharePoint SOS gives you peace of mind for a low monthly fee. Enjoy a steady flow of help, resources, monthly webinars (with online Tips & Tricks sessions) and quarterly training workshops in your region.
  • Ensure your success with ongoing support and guidance from SharePoint Specialists. Maximize your investment by continually improving and adding to your site as you learn more, whilst promoting user adoption and staff engagement.